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FutureStack Code of Conduct



A few people have asked to see a copy of the code of conduct (you see it as a part of the registration process). Here it is:

Conduct Policy:
 FutureStack is an event where all participants are encouraged to freely and openly share ideas in a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment. Attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers should treat each other with dignity and respect.
 FutureStack is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment or disrespect of conference participants in any form. Harassing, sexual, racist or exclusionary communication and imagery are not permitted in any form, including sessions, backchannels, and social media.
 If you encounter any inappropriate or disrespectful behavior, you may resolve the situation yourself in a respectful manner or seek assistance from any conference staff member. Attendees violating these rules may be asked to leave the conference without a refund at the sole discretion of the conference organizers.
 You may contact conference staff at at any time.