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GCP Integration - Add Labels for All Categories


ref: Support Request 324772

Working with Support, we have identified that the GCP Integration for Infrastructure does NOT currently collect/ingest labels for the following components in the GCP Platform:

  • VMs (Instances)
  • Load Balancers
  • Kubernetes (GKE)
  • Google Functions
  • AppEngine Integrations

Currently, the AWS Cloud Integration does collect EC2 Tag data, which is the AWS equivalent of a GCP Label. (For reference, Tags in GCP Instances (VMs) are used for network routing and firewall rules and are single strings. Labels are the attribute-level key:value pairs that align with EC2 Tags).

Confusion is also found when using Insights in accounts with both AWS and GCP integrations enabled.

Using this query, you can see that the AWS EC2 Tags attributes are stored as both ec2Tag_xxx and (with the label column wrapped in backticks)

SELECT uniques(hostname) FROM SystemSample WHERE ec2Tag_Environment IS NOT NULL FACET ec2Tag_Environment, label.Environment

The use of the GCP labels is foundational to successfully filtering and isolating data for both reporting and alerting purposes.

Request that:

  1. GCP Integration adds label collection
  2. Insights data for EC2 Tags and GCP Labels be easily distinguished


Hi @zackm, thanks for pointing this out, we’re currently working to fix this! More updates coming soon.

Helena Pujol
Product Manager, New Relic