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General question regarding New Relic suite


Hi, i have a very general question.

Sometimes there is a performance issue with one of our web sites. Or something else. Is there some indication of the limitations of New Relic. I get questions from management regarding this question. The reason is to pinpoint where the problem lies: web application, network, databases, databaseserver, etc.

I will give some random examples:

  • a query is slow because a wrong execution path (wrong index chosen)
  • there is a performance problem because of a routing problem between webserver and databaseserver: ping pong between 3 hosting locations
  • there are a lot of network components not monitored by new relic like load balancers, firewalls, storage, storage, switches that could cause performance issue
  • an order is not received in an ERP system that was send by a website through an Enterprise Server Bus

I was wondering if people get the same questions regarding: what can we see with New relic and what not. And it what detail. And how they handle such questions.

Kind regards,



Hey @michael.the - it looks like you may benefit from a demo of the New Relic platform. If you would like, I can try to get you set up with some folks who can help with that.

Otherwise, our community members may be able to help here with their experiences of New Relic.