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Get Error % for an application using NRQL and use it in DataApp Dashboard



Hello Team,

I am having couple of queries and was hoping to get answers from this discussion forum. We are dependent on APM and we use for monitoring our web API’s and there performance. My questions are listed below :-

  1. Within an api, I need to know the % error ( HTTP code 5xx v/s HTTP 4xx) . To give you an example, a WebAPI has 100k transactions recorded and out of which 10K are classified as errors, so I need to query to understand and find out error % of HTTP5xx and HTTP 4xx and if possible a further drill down view of different HTTP 5xx error code

  2. If an API when interacting with one of the external systems, takes a longer time than expected, so is it possible to get an alerts for an event like this and also see a hop time being taken. This is required for even for a single event.


Hi @Pratyush.mathur - You may find the post below useful


Hey @Pratyush.mathur - It looks like Stefan was able to help out with the post he linked to. Let us know if you need further assistance.


Hi @stefan_garnham,

Thanks for answering the above question and i was able to follow your advise.

Also, it would be great, if you can assist me with the second query, where I need to set an alert when a calls take a longer time than expected only for “specified external system” and get hop time results for it.


Unfortunately you cannot use a NRQL alert for the external services. The current method is to use the metric data to alert on external services

Scroll to the top of the thread to add your vote for External Services Insights events


Thanks @stefan_garnham for letting me know.