Getting a 404 - Entity Guid Not Found for browser trace

I chose to enable New Relic Browser auto-deploy install via our existing ruby New Relic APM. Selected instrumentation option supporting Pro + SPA features and turned on Distributed Tracing. All other options set to default.

Selecting browser tab next to “App Server” tab on our environment APM summary page (see screenshot) shows 404 - Entity Guid “somecharacterstringhere” Not Found. We are not able to see any feedback from the browser at all currently. Any help much appreciated.

@hhodgson Thanks for the visual as that’s helpful! If you use the toggle “Show new view” on (in the upper, right-hand corner) and click on the Summary tab, there is more information on entity GUID, browser app ID and APM app ID listed in the UI.

Checking that may give a better view into what metadata is listed for the newly installed browser application. Let me know what you find there or if you need anything else, please ask! Thanks :grinning:

Thanks for answering. I toggled the “new view” and clicked on the Summary tab, but I don’t see any information on the entity GUID, browser app Id and APM app ID in the UI.

Primarily the main issue I’m having is that no browser transaction data whatsoever registers for a page load (only APM transaction data as before) in the UI and clicking the “Browser” navigation link does not show a browser app and instead we see an overlay screen to “Get Started” as seen in the attached picture:


Thanks for the followup and extra details here! The browser intro page that you are seeing usually indicates there are no browser applications installed on that account yet. What I’m wondering is whether the browser application that was installed via the Ruby agent is installed properly and we can troubleshoot that OR if there’s an account login issue. Do you happen to be on multiple New Relic accounts?

I think it may be more likely an installation issue, though, and to best assist, are you able to provide an account ID and/or the browser app name or ID and I can take a look?

Also, here are two helpful links to review some installation steps and to confirm whether you see the agent currently running on your app:

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Yes, I think it is likely an installation issue as well. The account ID in question is 1774308. This is what the application browser settings look like currently:


Thanks for looking into it and let me know if you need additional info from me.

Hello again. It has been over a week since my last reply so I just wanted to bump the thread in case you missed it initially. If there is anything you need from me, please let me know. Thanks again.

@hhodgson Thank you for your patience on this! I was able to see that you have two Heroku accounts using APM and the Ruby agent. One APM app in the other account doesn’t look like it has Browser instrumented and the account in question, 1774308, looks like it has a Browser app connected to the APM app, though it is a Browser Lite subscription on the account.

If you run this query here using our NerdGraph API explorer, you should be able to see what entitlements your account receives with Browser Lite.

Your screen shot is showing the Pro+SPA agent selected, which is a Pro subscription. I’m not entirely familiar with Heroku and what is available with your subscription, though I’m including this link here that may help.

Let me know if you have any other questions, thanks!

Thank you for that information! I have since downgraded the selected agent to Lite and I’m still having the same issues for the aforementioned account.

No problem! Once you toggled on Lite, did you redeploy the new script in the application? If you’re using auto-deploy via the APM agent, the agent should be selecting from the script selected though.

Do you see evidence of that script in the of your application? It should be a lot smaller than that Pro agent. Thanks!

Right, we are using the auto-deploy via the APM agent, so it was all the more curious. I looked in the <head/> and I do not see evidence of the expected script. When I’m looking will it be clear that it is the New Relic Browser Lite script?

Hello @hhodgson!

To check the script versions and compare what’s in application settings with what is in your application’s tag, you can look for a few things. You can run both of them through a diff checker to make sure they are the same. The Lite agent is a lot smaller than that Pro agent. So if you right click on your app’s browser and navigate to view source code, then when reviewing the agent, it shouldn’t take up more than a smaller laptop size in script. Since this script doesn’t include the Pro features, it has less code. Also, in the developer console, if you run “” command, you should see some metadata returned. If using the Pro+SPA agent, the script name should have “spa” in it.