Getting a lot of Signal Loss alerts when data seems to be coming through normally

Hello, I have set up alert conditions with Terraform and have been continuously receiving signal loss alerts for them. When I look through the chart for the time window the signal loss alerts were open it shows data is coming through. Not sure why these alerts are coming through and would appreciate any assistance on this. The query currently sending this alert is this
SELECT average(provider.databaseMemoryUsagePercentage.Average) FROM DatastoreSample WHERE provider = ‘ElastiCacheRedisNode’ AND providerAccountId = ‘50297’ AND provider.cacheClusterId LIKE ‘%sagas%’ FACET provider.cacheClusterId

Hi @Garret.Gooding

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As you are using data from a Cloud Integration in your alerts query, some delay is expected, as you can check [here] in our docs.

So, I’m wondering if you could increase the Offset evaluation by of your condition to 15 windows, save the change and check if the issue still persists?

If so, please send me the link to your condition here or as a private message.