Getting account unauthorized: response code 403 while sending Cloudwatch metrics

Hi Team,

I’m trying to integrate AWS with new relic. I have followed the step by step document to integrate which is complete. However I don’t see any metrics being pushed to new relic. Further checked in Kinesis data stream HTTP failed log I find the following error :

"deliveryStreamARN": "arn:aws:firehose:us-east-1:12345:deliverystream/NewRelic-Metric-Stream",
"destination": "",
"deliveryStreamVersionId": 4,
"message": "Delivery to the endpoint was unsuccessful. See Troubleshooting HTTP Endpoints in the Firehose documentation for more information. Response received with status code. 403: {\"requestId\":\"7b26d6b0-709d-4da3-83cb-cb5d4618fcdb\",\"timestamp\":1627358750126,\"errorMessage\":\"Account unauthorized: response code 403\"}",
"errorCode": "HttpEndpoint.DestinationException"


I have used Ingest License key in cloudformation parameter and followed these documents :
Create API KEY : New Relic API keys | New Relic Documentation
Integrate AWS metric stream : Amazon CloudWatch Metric Streams integration | New Relic Documentation

Please help with this issue ASAP.


Found out we hadn’t had the subscription to infrastructure monitoring. After upgrading the subscription, it worked.