Getting Help during the Support Portal Maintenance

Support Portal Maintenance

Recently, our developers identified an issue with our Support Portal ( To ensure we provide customers with the best possible support experience, we temporarily deactivated user access to the portal while we perform ongoing system maintenance. New Relic remains committed to providing excellent customer support during the downtime. We’ve outlined several options for self-service or case-based support below.

Opportunities for Self-Service Support

  • Get help here in the Explorers Hub community. The Explorers Hub is filled with valuable information and helpful people. Your question may have already been asked and answered by others. If not, you can start a new thread by clicking ‘Ask a question’.
  • Read New Relic Documentation. Our Docs site offers expert articles on many issues, including New Relic features, troubleshooting tips, and getting started guides.
  • Search our Open Source repositories. Our Open Source site has projects, issues, and questions as well as project-specific support channels.

Creating a Support Case

For Accounts entitled to case-based support, you can still connect with our Support Team through a case while the Support Portal is unavailable. Please use the In-Product Support experience to file a new support case. You can access this page directly here or by following these easy steps:

  1. Log in to the New Relic One platform
  2. In the header, select the Question Mark icon for Documentation and Support
  3. Click I need more help button
  4. From the dropdown, choose the Account with which you need assistance
  5. Choose the Create a Support Case option from the available menu
  6. Complete the required fields with information to help our Support Team address your issue
  7. Click Create case

Updating a Support Case

Once you create a case using our In-Product Support feature, you will receive a case confirmation email from New Relic Global Technical Support to the email associated with your New Relic One account. Look for a subject line that includes “New Relic support case created” along with the case number. When a member of our Support Team responds to your case, you’ll also receive that update as an email.

Replying to these emails is the easiest way to update your case. Through your email replies, not only can you update your case, but you can also:

  • Include other people on the case by CCing them on the email
  • Add attachments to the case by attaching files to the email

What Comes Next

If you’d like to check in on the Support Portal maintenance, you can see updates on our status page here. In the meantime, please check out the resources mentioned above for assistance. Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to continuing to help you use and love New Relic One.

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Any ETA on when we can have the support portal back up and running for users?

Hi @karanpreet.singh . Our teams are still performing maintenance, and we hope to have an update on its availability very soon. When we do, I will update you here!

Hi again, @karanpreet.singh . The Support Portal is once again available. We posted an update here.