Getting message: You’re over the monthly free allowance of 1 user

Hello I have migrated my old trial account to a new account and i am getting the message:

" You’re over the monthly free allowance of 1 user. Please add your credit card. You’re only charged if you go over your free allowance each month.Add credit card"

I have confirmed that the account has 1 full user and 2 basic users. Can you tell me why i am receiving a notice to add credit card?

thank you

@shaneg Welcome to the community :slight_smile: A few months ago there were some changes made the Free Teir. You may find this FAQ to be helpful:

If after reviewing you still need assistance let me know.

It shows that i have went over my user limit. The extra users did not use new relic. I have deleted old users (who never used new relic) and i converted 2 of those users to standard users, so there is only 1 full user on the account but the screen still says that i am over the limit. Am I expected to pay hundreds of dollars for free users who never used the system? thank you

@shaneg That’s a fair question. I’m going to loop in our account team to dig into this further with you since we do not have access the specifics of your billing.

If you have other support related needs we’re here to help :slight_smile:

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