Getting pie graph of used hdd space against free hdd space


I am a kind of noob regarding NR, so bear with that silly question :slight_smile:

I’d like to have a simple pie graph of used hdd space against available hdd space for a specific host, is it possible ? and do you have an simple example for that ?

Something like that :


Hi, @p.bellicini: I don’t know how to display it as a pie chart, but you may use the following query to view free and used disk percentage of a host:

SELECT latest(diskFreePercent), latest(diskUsedPercent) FROM StorageSample WHERE hostname = 'Your Host Name'

In order to display a pie chart, you must use a FACET query, and I don’t know how to FACET on free and used disk space. Perhaps another community member will have an idea.

Thanks, I had some kind of query that is similar to the one you provided, the FACET part is what I’m missing.

Thank you for taking the time to add your bits

Yes, FACET groups on different values of a single attribute. I don’t think it is possible to FACET on different attribute names.

Ok , that was easy after all :slight_smile:

The following gave what I was looking for :

SELECT latest(diskFreePercent), latest(diskUsedPercent) FROM NFSSample WHERE hostname = 'my-hostname'  FACET entityName