[Go] APM log not showing

Hi, I’m using this echo for http and uberzap for log. Using this lib for integration between echo and uberzap . But still logs is not sent to new relic.

Hi, @Endorsaja.id: Have you configured a log-forwarding plugin to send your logs to New Relic? Have you configured logs in context to associate your logs with your application transactions?

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Hi @philweber , i already configure logs in context. Im using go language, so im following docs from link. I also has verified that my go service already sent log to new relic(check from my service console). But still not showing on new relic UI logs

Check this link: https://onenr.io/0e1wZ1aBLQ6. Are these your logs?

yes, but thats infrastructure log. i thought thats APM log
So i already disabled it. For log in context still not working

They have an APM application name: see the query at the top? The Infrastructure agent is forwarding the logs, but I think they are coming from your application.

Anyway, I don’t know why logs in context is not working. I will flag your question for help from a support engineer.

Yeah, i purposely set the application name same as my APM(server-prod) but still not showing on APM. Then i just realize APM log and infrastructure is different. So i disable infrastructure log.
Although the infrastructure log source also come from my application, but i lose the feature log in context.
Thats why i move to use logs in context, but still not working. I dont know whats wrong.
Thanks @philweber for the help!!

Logs in context just adds metadata to your logs; you still need to configure something to send your logs to New Relic: Forward your logs to New Relic | New Relic Documentation.

aaa i see.
right now i already configure infrastructure log forwarder for server-dev and also have configure log in context. Still no logs show at my APM.

Hi @Endorsaja.id,

Thank you for the updates. A support engineer on the logs team will be taking a look at this. Please be on the lookout for updates on this thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @tpaul1 , Any updates?

@Endorsaja.id: New Relic is closed in the U.S. for the Thanksgiving holiday. Someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

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Oh sorry, i didn’t know that.
Happy Thanksgiving Day! for everyone :grinning: :partying_face:

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Hello @Endorsaja.id ,

You will need these 2 pieces of Documentation to get this sorted.

  1. Go Agent Troubleshooting Framework Logs in Context

  2. Go Agent Troubleshooting Framework Install

On a side note concerning the log lines which look awkward and short. This is because you need to review log parsing at the application. I would review regex and make sure any return characters /r are then escaped properly. logfmt seems to be the default parsing package on Logrus.

I would take a look at the Logrus Framework and Golang documentation on logfmt

I hope this helps.

Hi @cconde ,
Thanks for the guide, I already figured it out.
Turns out i need to manually integrate APM log in context link. Because im using log uberzap.
Thanks for the help