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Go integrations/nrgorilla -- exclued heart beat routes.. can the exclude route names be added?


func InstrumentRoutes(r *mux.Router, app newrelic.Application, heartbeat string) *mux.Router {
r.Walk(func(route *mux.Route, router *mux.Router, ancestors []*mux.Route) error {
if route.GetName() == heartbeat {
return nil
fmt.Println("instrumenting " + route.GetName())
h := instrumentRoute(route.GetHandler(), app, routeName(route))
return nil
if nil != r.NotFoundHandler {
r.NotFoundHandler = instrumentRoute(r.NotFoundHandler, app, “NotFoundHandler”)
return r



Hey @Alexander.Polansky - It looks like this was posted twice, so I’m going to go ahead and merge this post into your other. :slight_smile:



A post was merged into an existing topic: Golang “” – nrgorilla.InstrumentRoutes