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Goodbye for Now - From @Linds


Dear Explorers :rocket: ,

I wanted to drop a quick note and say goodbye! My time as a New Relic employee has come to an end, BUT I will always be a proud member of this community.

Through managing this platform I have learned so much about what a healthy, happy community looks and feels like. I have all of you to thank for making my time here feel less like a “job”, and more like an intriguing project, working with friends.

Please continue to share your knowledge, and please do your best to take care of each other!

Thanks for everything!

All my :heart_decoration: ,


Farewell, @Linds! This place won’t be the same without you. :cry:


All the best, @Linds! :slight_smile:


Please do not leave us.


We are all going to miss the one and only @Linds, but I know she’ll be popping back in from time to time. Until then, @RyanVeitch, @ebeach, and I are all here for you!