Graph in dashboard different from graph in APM managed by New Relic

I create dashboard in newrelic and copy the graph from APM dashboard managed by Newrelic default to my dashboard using option ‘Add to Insights dashboard’ for memory usage graph.
The result is different and somehow the result of graph in the insight dashboard I create is false/incorrect even though I just copy it from the right APM graph.
I upload the images to show the different between them.
How to make graph in dashboard insight same like in graph APM service managed by Newrelic?

Hello @bob18.

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While I am not sure what is causing the difference between these two graphs, I am going to reach out to our support engineers in the dashboard space to help us out. They will get a response out when available. Please reach out with any other questions you may have.

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@bob18 - It’s difficult to tell from your screenshots but I have a hunch that this is due to data aggregation and a difference in the aggregated data caused by different time windows. The following post related to Infrastructure data but the concept is the same for other product data.

Relic Solution: Data visualization and bucketing in the New Relic Infrastructure UI