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Graphiql notebook



In graphiql notebook that has been deployed, it shows oops something went wrong, when I am trying to add new query. And there is always a loading animation besides the add query button


Hey @gauthama.nair - Can you share screenshots of the error you see? As well as your browser console?


This is the screen that comes. And on clicking add query, something went wrong comes


Hey @gauthama.nair - I was able to replicate errors with the GraphiQL Notebook nerdpack, as such I have just created an issue against the Github project, such that the developers of that nerdpack can see this and work on fixing it.

Can you add your experience and screenshot in the comments here: ??


done, added in the issue


Great! Thank you @gauthama.nair


Thanks the issue got resolved. Now when I am running a nrql query, not able to get the response, it is always the loading screen that is shown.