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GraphQL mutation to add tags



ok, usual caveat, apologies if wrong place and all that. Looking for help with GraphQL mutation to add tags to entities…

I have this mutation statement

mutation AddTagsToEntity($guid: EntityGuid!, $tag: [TaggingTagInput!]!) {
        guid: $guid,
        tags: $tag
        ) {
            errors {

With a Query Variable set up as

"guid": "MTc4MjgxOXxJTkZSQXxOQXw3MTEwNjAzNDM0MDExample",
"tag": ["test-tag4","test value"]

The problem is that I can get the GUID into the mutation, I can’t get the tag in, just getting a rather unhelpful error (not withstanding the grammar error in the message).

"message": "Downstream server responsed with status 400"

Anyone any tips on using Tags in a query block like this.
BTW setting the guid, and/or the tag key/value directly in the mutation works fine, as per the docs, but I like to be different :wink:


Hi, @David.Bell: A TaggingTagInput is an object with a key and a collection of values. Your variable should look like this:

  "guid": "MTc4MjgxOXxJTkZSQXxOQXw3MTEwNjAzNDM0MDExample",
  "tag": { "key": "test-tag4", "values": [ "test value" ] }


Thanks for the input Phil, yes I’ve got the inline mutation working fine, it’s specifically using separate variables I’d like to use.


After re-reading your question, I edited my reply above. :slight_smile:


Sorted :+1: Many thanks.

"guid": "MTc4MjgxOXxJTkZSQXxOQXw3MTEwNjAzNDM0MDExample",
"tag": [
	{ "key": "test-tag4", "values": [ "test value" ] }

Onwards and upwards to a mega tagging session :grin: