Graphql response


We had a functionality to fetch the details returned by NRQL using graphql api. I was referring this document How to Use The GraphQL API Explorer for New Relic for graphql api. Example of the NRQL which we were using in graphql is:
“SELECT count(*) as transactionCount from Transaction where appName = ‘alva-edge_production’ and cerner.alva.service IN (‘ml-alias-pool’) FACET cerner.millennium.tenant,cerner.alva.service limit MAX SINCE 3 days ago”

The response which we were getting from graphql consisted of the fields “cerner.millennium.tenantcerner.alva.service” and “facet”.
Example response:
{“facet”=>[“”, “ml-document-autotext”], “cerner.millennium.tenantcerner.alva.service”=>[“”, “ml-document-autotext”], “transactionCount”=>11591}

However since last week there was a change in the response from graphql for the above NRQL and the execution failed in our code as we were filtering the details based on “cerner.millennium.tenantcerner.alva.service” field. The example response from graphql now is:
{“facet”=>[“”, “ml-document-autotext”], “transactionCount”=>11591}.

Basically the field “cerner.millennium.tenantcerner.alva.service” is not getting returned as a response from graphql anymore and our execution failed.

Can you please let us know how do we get notifications if there is a change in the graphql response ?


Can you please give me an update on the above query ?