Groundskeeper Nerdpack

@jkaron Any updates? Have you seen the screen recording I provided? Any questions?

@jkaron I hope you are doing well. Any update on this issue?

Hi @6MM. I did get the recording, thanks for sharing that with the team. I don’t have any useful updates at this point. I’ll continue to look into what could be causing the issue. Out of curiosity, do you get any errors in the JS Console when loading this app that you don’t see while using the rest of NR One? Feel free to share details with your account team in Slack if that’s easier.

I posted in Slack. You get some errors. Looks like you have assets coming from staging and sandbox.

For anyone following along on 6MM’s issue, the nerdpack wasn’t deployed to all of his accounts. That caused it to only fetch data from the subset of accounts it was deployed to.

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