Grouping Notifications Received from Error Inbox

We are using Error Inbox in New Relic for monitoring any alerts that may come up in our application where we have also enabled slack notifications.
Currently we are receiving slack notifications each time an error occurs within a group in Error Inbox.
Is there any way to group this alert notifications similar to One Alert per Policy in Alert Conditions (Policies).

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I believe this is achievable by changing the policy preference , which can reduce the number of notifications received. I believe Decide when issues are created can be also insightful here.

Hi @dcody,
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Can you kindly let me know how this can be integrated with Error Inbox Slack Notifications as we have enabled it from the Notification Settings that is present inside the Error Inbox Section.

@vinit6 - There isn’t a setting like the incident preferences in Alert Policies. Error Inbox uses error groups. When an error group is assigned to your user account, New Relic sends an email with that error group’s details. There isn’t granular control over when you are notified. If anything you can just leave the error as “unresolved” in Errors Inbox. You will only get notifications when the product detects new errors and when an error goes from “resolved” to “unresolved”.

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