Hard to see links


Following the recent explorer hub updates, it is difficult to see links which are embedded in post text, compared with prior to the update. I am using Chrome.

This is linked text

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Hi @stefan_garnham! Thanks for flagging! We have already reported this internally and it is currently being worked on!

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Hi @stefan_garnham, this has now been fixed and hyperlinked text should now visible!

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Hmm, nope. Links still look like plain text to me.

@philweber Did you refresh page? Also clearing cache could help. I’m seeing links in both dark and light mode back to being hyperlinks.

Thanks, @JoiConverse. It seems to have taken effect now.


Showing a different color now.


Thanks for the fix.

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Much better and easier to see the links now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Great to hear everyone!