Have access to New Relic but can not follow links from Pager Duty

I have an account (2877243) but have a strange situation where if I try to follow a link from Pager Duty say https://alerts.newrelic.com/accounts/2565556/incidents/184044402 I am greeted with a “Create a policy” page instead of viewing the incident. I was able to do this in the past, but for some reason it stopped working. I also get an error “Policy 985821 does not exist in this account”
if I follow this url from the same Pager Duty report: https://alerts.newrelic.com/accounts/2565556/policies/985821

one clue, although I am signed in and see my name in the masthead profile, I do not see any logout links…

Please help me get access to view the incident reported

@adestefa Welcome to the community! :slight_smile: In reviewing your case it seems like part of the issue is the multiple accounts and corresponding permissions that are with them. Our account team is best suited to work out those details with you directly. You should be receiving an email from them soon.