Having trouble adding labels to Synthetic monitors

After I click the Show Labels toggle, I click on the + sign to add a new label and any new label I try to create shows up as red in the list and the label is never added.

Has anyone run onto this and have a solution?


Never mind, I figured it out.

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That is good news! @bchamoff

Do you want to share how and what you figured out? I am sure it will benefit others in this community! :blush:

Yes, sure, @Linds, I realized that I was not including the category and the colon in front of the label name. What the label popup does not tell you is that the format needs to be:

category:label name So for example, main:sports or main:food

“main” is the category and the label would be the subcategory.

My original problem was that I was only creating the label name. I hope this helps others :wink:



Super helpful, @bchamoff!

Thanks for following up!

I am not able to see plus site for creating category previously it was visible.

Synthetics is moving more towards New Relic One, which means that labels now become tags, you can read more about that move here:

There’s some information there on creating tags as well :slight_smile: