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Having trouble installing Selenium Builder into Firefox on Linux


I am trying to install Selenium Builder, either v2 or v3, but am having trouble. Some of the links on GitHub and/or for that seem to be broken, especially the Install button, which was referred to in the instructions.

I have the file downloaded. Not sure how to install from here to get the Selenium folder under my Firefox profile. Any tips?


Hi @szymansm, looks like that isn’t available anymore, have you tried using the Selenium IDE for Firefox?


Hi @rdouglas, yes i have, and that works to install and record. However, I don’t see how to convert those scripts to the New Relic format like with Selenium Builder. Do you have anything on that?
I have not done scripting in a while so my reference links might be old. Also just upgraded RHEL from v6 to v7, which is when I lost the old Builder. Hence trying to install new.


Looks like Mozilla add-on support for Selenium Builder stopped with the recent Quantum releases. Last working version seems to have been 55.

It’s not really an option for me to go back to an older version of Firefox. I tried the Katalon alternative and while that has an Export function (unlike Selenium IDE), including several WebDrive formats, it does not have an option for the New Relic format.

I’m surprised this is not a bigger issue with the community here. Would expect it to be more common as more users run FF Quantum. Should I open a support ticket?

Do you or does anyone know which of their format options might work?
Java (WebDriver + JUnit)
Java (WebDriver + TestNG)
Java (WebDriver-backed Remote Control + JUnit)
There are also C# and Python 2 options with WebDriver.



Hi @szymansm, ye it looks like the newer versions have stopped support, though there is a workaround to get working:

  1. Download and install Firefox ESR 52.9.
  1. Clone the repo for Selenium Builder:
  2. If you downloaded the clone as a ZIP, unzip it.
  3. At command-line:
  • cd <path_to_selenium_builder_clone>/seleniumbuilder
  • zip -r selenium-builder.xpi *
  1. Start FireFox and…
  • Disable automatic updates so that it remains at 52.9 ESR:
  • Disable “signature enforcement”:
    • Type about:config into the URL bar in Firefox
    • Type xpinstall.signatures.required in the Search box that shows up
    • Double-click the preference, or right-click and selected “Toggle”, to set it to false.
  • Install the xpi:
    - Go into extensions (type about:addons in the URL bar)
    - Click the little gear icon
    - Click “install add-on from file”
    - Choose the .xpi file you just made

Let me know if this helps or if you run into any issues :slight_smile: