Health map RPM and Apdex 0.0 for all apps

Hi guys

I have been looking at our systems health map lately, and noticed that ALL apps in all environments have the same metrics displaying:
Apdex: 0.00
Error rate: 0.00%
Throughput: 0 rpm
Web resp. time: 0.00 s

If I click through to the apps, I can see that these metrics are showing in APM, just not making it through to the health app.
Any ideas why that might be?


On second glance, it would appear that some of the services and web apps are showing in the health map.
The vast majority however, are not. Even though they have the metrics showing in APM…

Hey @brett.howells!

Could you please provide a permalink to a few apps that you are experiencing this issue with? I can then see the behaviour you describe and troubleshoot from there.


Hi George

I cant see a way to grab a permalink on the health map. Thats why I didnt provide it in the OP.

Thats the link to the health map, if you can see that?

Hey @brett.howells!

I have gone ahead and opened up a ticket about this issue. Be on the lookout for an email with the details. I’ll continue to troubleshoot with you there.