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Heap Memory Usage vs Eden space usage



We have alert policies to trigger when there is 85% of the heap is consumed. But i noticed that it is actually triggering when then PS Eden space is consumption reached to maximum instead of whole Heap memory. Is this Alert (Heap memory usage) only refers for Eden space? Not the whole Heap?

In the below picture Heap Usage is less than 50% but the PS Eden usage is reaching maximum. When there is GC then the graph is coming down which is expected. Please help do we need to worry about this?


The metrics on the JVMs dashboard are queried directly from JMX metrics from the JVM. The out-of-the-box JMX metrics we query are based on the framework and/or version of Java. The out-of-the-box Alerts are going to be based on a pre-defined metric the agent collects unless you’re using a custom metric for the alert.
What are you currently using for your alert?
What is the condition you want to be alerted on?


Here is the heap condition that we have. We want to get alerts when there is high heap usage.

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