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Hello, I'm new, and Quick Question


Hello folks! It’s nice to be here.
I’m a database developer with a background in both Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. My previous work was in BI Development and Data Analysis, but with some database development. I love to be involved more “behind the scenes”, so to speak, and New Relic really helps me with that focus.

As I’m new to this forum, and as a newbie, what brings me here is a question:

In the “Slow query trace”, there is an apparent limit to the number of characters for the query listed. Is there any way to see the entire query within New Relic?

Many thanks!


Hi @lynea.bernhard - I am not aware of a limit on the size of the query displayed and the documentation on slow queries shows a screenshot of a truncated query with an option to view more.


Hello Stefan, Thank you for responding to my enquiry. Maybe this image will better explain what I am seeing and attempting to describe.

Yes, there is a link at the end of the selected slow query in the “Slow query trace” window for “…More” of the query to be shown. However, in this case, as it is with other long queries, when I click this for the remaining query to be made visible in that window, it simply tells me the remaining number of characters for the query in parenthesis.

I hope that helps explain what I mean.



Hi @lynea.bernhard, would you mind posting a permalink to an example of this? Links to your account are only accessible to NR staff and users on the account in question, so they are safe to post to the forum.

To create a permalink to any page within the New Relic user interface, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Permalink’ all the way on the right next to ‘Kiosk Mode.’ This will show us the exact page and time period that you are observing.

If you do not feel comfortable posting a link, you can also send it to us via a support ticket!