Helm chart does not have the `nri-integration-cfg` configmap - am I missing something?


I’m having various issues with my helm generated charts, but the main thing is that I’m trying to now use it to add a nginx service for monitoring, and the instructions refer to a ConfigMap that I can’t find in the helm chart.

For that matter, the instructions don’t provide anything useful regarding the helm chart at all.

These are the instructions I used to install my new relic monitoring with helm 3

Looking at this:

It says that I need to add configuration snippets to the existing nri-integration-cfg ConfigMap.
Except that that file doesn’t exist.
Am I missing a step in the installation of the helm chart?

The other main issue I’m having with the helm chart is that it doesn’t follow the helm best practices and tell me what flags are settable.

For that matter…

Looking at the full manifest file, it doesn’t include the nri-integration-cfg ConfigMap resource either…

Am I looking in the wrong place for the ConfigMap?

Hi @jonathan81 - Thanks for pointing this out. To add service monitoring capabilities via Helm you’ll need to add the integration’s config to the this section in the values.yaml file.

Please note that our wizard does not yet have a way to automatically configure our On-Host Integrations with the Helm installation method. However, a feature request has been submitted and this is currently under review by our Product Development Team.

In addition, I will also see can we improve our documentation to include the configuration of our On-Host integrations with an Helm install.


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Thank you for your helpful response!


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I made it work by updateing newrelic-bundle-kube-state-metrics DaemonSet config to add two things:

  • after all volumes, I added
    • name: integration-config
      name: nri-integration-cfg
      defaultMode: 420
  • after all volumeMounts I added
    • name: integration-config
      mountPath: /etc/newrelic-infra/integrations.d

Now it will load ngi configMap.

One more thing… after loading config for mysql, newrelic-agent was failing to discover it so I needed to change config to include 'exec: /var/db/newrelic-infra/nri-discovery-kubernetes --tls --port 10250" as otherwise connection will be rejected. Add this last piece only if it is not working.


Thanks for sharing that @mstrujic :smiley: