Help, Tailing of Logs using Infrastructure Agent not working!


I’ve configured the New Relic latest Infrastructure agent to push HTTP log data into New Relic Logs.

When I start the Agent, the data in the log file is uploaded to New Relic Logs successfully.

But it does the upload only one time when I start the agent service ! It does not keep tailing the log file and upload new logs that are recorded into the log file.

I can see the new log entries by doing tail -f /logs/access_log.Q120091700, but those entries are not sent to New Relic.

Need help to find out how to have it tail the log file and keep uploading any new logs entries that are recorded into the log file to New Relic logs.



  • name: as400logs
    file: /media/logs/access_log.Q120091700
    source_file: /media/logs/access_log.Q120091700
    logType: apache

The agent is running on Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance,


It seems the Agent could tail the file because it was coming from a mounted CIFS filesystem. I’ve wrote a tail command to grab the lines from the file being monitored and pipe it into a native filesystem file. Monitoring the local file into logs worked fine.




Hi @Ricardop1 - Thanks for letting us know what the issue was! That will be good to keep in mind for us. And, of course, glad to hear you were able to get it resolved with the redirect. Cheers!

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