Help Us Pick our New Badges

We know who does the real work around here.

It takes a lot of work to keep a community going. @Linds, @ebeach, and I are here every day trying to make sure you get what you need in the community, but we’d like to let you in on a little secret: You’re doing all the real work.

That’s right! You are the ones who are making all the content that makes this a place worth visiting. Specifically, you do a lot of this:

  • Creating Topics and Posts: Every time you ask a question, you’re putting content out in the Universe that can help other New Relic customers. For example, this NRQL query library that @stefan_garnham started gets over 1,000 views each and every month!

  • Giving a :heart:: We all love it (at least a little) when someone takes a moment to appreciate our contribution, whether that contribution is a technical answer, some humor, or a great point in a conversation. When you click on the heart icon under a post, you’re saying thank you, and that helps keep people coming back.

  • Using the Solutions Checkbox :white_check_mark:: Let’s say you’re looking for the answer to a technical question and Google give syou a couple of different possible topics from the Explorers Hub in your search results. One has a verified answer and the other doesn’t. Which one do you trust? Every time you make sure that a question has a solution marked, you help your fellow New Relic customers find answers faster.

  • Completing your profile: Humans are strange. Apparently, we want to connect with other humans (for me, it’s my cat, but I digress…). Filling out your profile is the best thing you can do to make sure that our customers know that this place is populated with real people.

Of course, we want you to KEEP doing those things, and encourage others to join in on the fun. Which is why we are proposing a brand new badging system for the community. Our proposal is to update Discourse’s native badging system to align with these actions, the most important work that gets done in the community.

What’s the Proposal?

Right now, Discourse offers up a LOT of badge options (close to 50!). We’d actually like to scale it back to keep it simple and make sure that each badge has meaning. It rewards the work we need done in the community and can be achieved with the right amount of work. Here are the 6 badges we are proposing:

  • Admired: Received Likes
  • Enthusiast: Gives Likes
  • Author: Writes a Topic or Post
  • Scholar: Reads Posts
  • Solver: Marks a Post as the answer
  • Professor: Has a Post that is selected as the answer

AND… some special badges for completing your profile because it’s just good practice:

  • Twitter Contributor
  • GitHub Contributor
  • Autobiographer: fills out a bio

AND… we’ll of course continue to award the NR certified badges monthly and other special badges will be made available when we run certain campaigns.

Each badge (besides the profile ones) will have three levels you can earn:

  • Local - base level, achieved by about 20-50 people per month currently
  • Global - a step up, achieved by 5-10 people per month currently
  • Intergalactic - the highest level, achieved by only 1, or no people per month currently

How can you help?

Feedback, please! Is there a behavior you think we forgot to include? Do you hate our naming scheme? Have a great idea for us? We want to hear from you. Just reply to this thread. And look below - you can vote for the icons you want us to use! We just need your feedback by April 20. We’ll be looking to start rolling this out in May!

Admired Badge Choices (Receives Likes)

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Enthusiast Badge Choices (Gives Likes)

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Author Badge Choices (Writes posts)

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Solver Badge Choices (Marks Post as Answer)

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Solver Badge Choices (Marks post as selected answer)

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Professor Badge Choices (Has the post that is selected as the answer)


Wow, I was not aware that the NRQL library was so popular! :astonished:


I know! I need to take the time to get it in a more special place and consistently get more additions to it!

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@hross: I like the choices. Is there any way to put a little more “umpf” in the colors? :sunglasses:

boom! although i see i am currently part of most of the minorities, i voted just the same :smile: Nice to see you guys asking for more user feedback of the added features for the forum! :balloon:


You bet @kollac1! We just showed you New Relic blue here. @ebeach - can you maybe add a post with some color samples?

@gekkie - whatever do you mean? We see you around here all the time! So glad that this made you happy.

@hross @kollac1 Absolutely! I’ll add some color choices this afternoon :slight_smile:

The minority I was referring to was concerning the actual voting results (mine vs the most popular)

But as we’ve seen with some elections here and there, popular vote doesn’t always mean actually winning the vote :slight_smile:


As @kollac1 noticed all of the badge options are shown in the New Relic blue (which is maybe not the most interesting). But when we roll these out we’re going to have the three levels of badges (Local, Global, and Intergalactic) color coded. We’d love your help choosing which color should be the highest badge level. Vote on your favorite below!

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For the Intergalactic badge, shouldn’t the colour be a cold, dark black. You know, same as space :smile:

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What about a fluorescent purple (the color of royalty)?


@stefan_garnham :joy: somehow I don’t think the black would show up too well in dark theme…

@kollac1 I didn’t even think about purple! This is why we need the community’s input. :smiley:

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