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Help us write our first tweet!


Hey folks! We’re about to launch a whole new Twitter handle to help you learn everything you need to know about New Relic. @learn_NR launches in just a few days now, leaving us to wonder. What should our first tweet say?

Jack’s first tweet is the all-time classic:

But there are some great celebrity first tweets too:

And here is New Relic’s first tweet:

“Hi Folks, nice to see that you are following New Relic. We’ll post product, event, and company updates here. Cool stuff coming next week.” - 03:09 PM August 01, 2008

From what we’ve seen in the Community, you all are MUCH more clever than we are :bulb:, so what do you think our first tweet should say?

PS - what was YOUR first tweet? And have you updated your twitter handle in your profile?