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Help using APM profiler - not showing detailed info



I’m having trouble with the APM thread profiler. I want to profile my application and investigate which methods uses the most CPU.

When i use the profiler it only gives me very vague results, and nothings thats actually usefull.

How can i investigate cpu usage per method?


Hi, @ini: That is not really what the thread profiler is designed to do; the thread profiler allows you to see the names of uninstrumented transactions, so you can decide whether to add custom instrumentation. You may find this blog post helpful in understanding how to use the thread profiler:

I don’t think it’s possible for New Relic APM to show you CPU usage by method. It measures throughput (calls per minute) and execution time, but not CPU usage.


Hi @philweber

Calls per minute and execution time per method would also be helpfull, but the thread profiler only shows stats per thread? As an example it doesn’t really help to know that 27% of executions is spent in WorkerThread.Run.

When i compare my profile stats to the example image, the example looks much more detailed. Are there something I’m missing?
Example Image:


To clarify, the percentage beside each item is not percent of execution time; it is the number of stack snapshots in which that method appears. Theoretically, methods that appear in a higher percentage of samples were running during a longer portion of the thread profile period.

I think you will need to have a support engineer look at your specific application; I have opened a support ticket for you.