Heroku addon: Cannot use admin features

We use NewRelic as a Heroku addon, and the account owner is the “linked” account, ****@herokumanager.com.

I would like to be promoted to administrator on the account.
We would like to keep the application links private, so please contact me by email so I can supply you our account informations. I couldn’t find anywhere to open a support ticket (?).

We are unable to access some admin features, like to create an Alert policy.
We are in the process to evaluate your monitoring solutions, and this is a missing piece for us.

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Thank you very much!


I think @Linds or @hross should be able to get that ticket open for you :slight_smile:

On it! Look out for our email @alexandre.couillard! :blush:

Thank you for your reply.

Monday, I tried to contact Heroku directly instead, as I had access to their support/ticket system.
This role issue is actually a quirk of the integration with the NewRelic add-on and being part of an Heroku Team.

On the other hand, they actually have access to the *****@herokumanager.com owner account, and they were able to promote my account to admin for all the NewRelic add-ons/apps i’m using.

Thus, they managed to resolve my problem. I will close the ticket created on NewRelic’s end.

Thank you!

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Sounds great, @alexandre.couillard! Thank you so much for letting us all know how Heroku was able to sort things for you. This information will definitely help others in the future who may have questions about this same thing. :blush: