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Heroku-connected account has been cancelled



We have a heroku-connected account which recently appeared to be owned by another person who worked with us long time ago, so we lost owner access.
So I tried to reconnect New-relic add-on, which created a whole new account from scratch, and eventually the old account appeared to be cancelled (I wasn’t aware it’ll be set to cancelled status until then).

  1. Is it possible to reinstate the old account and heroku integration?
  2. Can you please help changing owner to a heroku master account?

Thank you!


Hi @paul.o Once a heroku partnership account is cancelled there isn’t a way to bring it back (You will not be able to log into the account through Heroku) and make the integration work. The new account you created would be the only account linked with your Heroku account at this point.

If you would still like to Regain access to the old account that is possible, however you would have to log in directly from New Relic and you will lose access to the instances view for your Dynos. Your first step is to confirm with Heroku that your are the owner of the Heroku account.

Let me know if you have any questions!