Heroku + End-of-Life (EOL) notification for New Relic Plugins External Inbox

I recently got the email about EOL for plugins. Email says we use one and gave an id (best I can tell it’s our account id). We use Heroku.

I can’t find anything in NewRelic in the UI about plugins, nor do I see anything in heroku about any necessary upgrades I need to make.

Frankly, feeling a bit lost and confused about how to address this issue.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

@philip.hallstrom There were some information and next steps shared in this thread:

Let us know if you need further support after reviewing this update :slight_smile:

Hi Joi - Yeah, that thread doesn’t help me. I do not see anything in the navigation about plugins.

Maybe there is some heroku/newrelic documentation I should be reading?

@philip.hallstrom Sorry to hear that didn’t answer your questions. I have asked our team to provide some further information specific for Heroku. For now they are going to extend your access until June so it gives more time to review your specific case. I have shared with them your email and Acct ID.