Heroku logs dont register in New Relic

I created a fresh account directly with New Relic and trying to add Heroku logs. I registered the drains and trying to add the token in the UI like it’s asking. But I am getting an error https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/x4p8oq5b1oybfp4/chrome_2022-05-23_14-03-32.png

Account 3500053

Ditto: There was an error while registering your Heroku drain token

Found these:

Hi @dak-user33

Thanks for reaching out here for support, I hope you are well.

I see that @david.savoya share 2 great posts that highlight workarounds and fixes that may help. Please follow along these posts and let me know of the fixes worked.

Should they not please confirm the approaches taken and any updates so that we help!