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Heroku Shared Attachment



Surprised to see the Heroku shared attachment feature not working for the New Relic attachment.

Attaching newrelic-XXXX-#### to MY-HEROKU-####… failed
! That add-on resource is already attached to an app and may only be attached once.

Here’s what Bill Lapcevic, VP of Customer Success at New Relic, had to say about the new add-on sharing – “New Relic has been an add-on partner from the early days when Heroku pioneered the developer tools ecosystem. We’re excited to be among the first add-on providers to have access to Add-on Sharing, a powerful feature that allows developers to monitor multiple Heroku apps, giving them unprecedented visibility into their environments.”

Why is Bill saying that (in January) if the integration hasn’t happened?


Howdy @awesome - I am sorry it has taken so long to respond to this. I am currently researching this with our teams and hope to have some information to you soon. I will update as soon as I do have some more information.


Hey @awesome! So this took a bit of investigating but I have some news! We are in the early stages of development for this feature. We don’t yet have a release date but we’re very excited to offer this in the future.


@Lisa Any updates on this?



I have many apps on heroku using the same database. I can only monitor one of these apps: The one where I originally linked the database.

I’d love to be able to monitor my database through all my other apps.

Is this something doable today?