High number of synthetic requests


We’re using NewRelic’s Synthetic Uptime Monitor and Root Monitor, each with 14 different locations and a frequency of 1 minute for each request. Lately we noticed a big increase in the frequency of pings received by the application, up to 1.8k requests per minute from NewRelic alone (in our case this was ~80% of our total number of requests). Is there a way to debug why 14 locations in 2 monitors were generating that big of a server load?


Hi @rafael9,

There is a retry logic that can cause 3x the expected number requests (more on that here), however 1.8k per minute seems like a lot more than a 3x increase!

Can you double check the X-Abuse-Info header on the requests and ensure the traffic is only coming from those 2 monitors? Each Synthetics request will include the X-Abuse-Info header with this info:

Request sent by a New Relic Synthetics Monitor (https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/synthetics/new-relic-synthetics/administration/identify-synthetics-requests-your-app) - monitor id: ${MONITOR_ID_STRING} | account id: ${ACCOUNT_NUMBER}

Also could you please post links to the 2 monitors? I’d like to review them. Don’t worry, only support and people with access to the account will be able to follow the links.

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