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Highlighting Community at FS '16


Hello again!

Thanks for stopping by, I have another question that will hopefully help the community team here at New Relic plan for FutureStack SF '16:

What can we do to highlight community at FutureStack?

Have any engaging ideas? What would you like to see from us? We want to do our part to make it super fun for all.

If you have attended FS before, let us know what community specifics you enjoyed!

I will wait to hear from you before I hint to some of the cool community stuff we have in mind. :wink:


With the new Feature Request specific forums. You could run a competition of some sort, and the messaging across all booths could be

“The prize is X, to enter you just have to go to the feature request forums and tell us one idea that you think you’d like to see in New Relic, or a feature that almost works how you want it to, if it only did X additional task, file it with the title FS: Title of Feature Request and we’ll collate all people who suggested ideas and put them all into a draw”

Conversely, a thread specifically for a competition where it asks customers to tell us the one thing they can’t live without in New Relic and why. Best description wins.


Great ideas, @acuffe! Keep them coming! :blush: