Host Filtering Not Displaying All Hosts

Hi there,

I am trying to setup alerting conditions for some of our infrastructure hosted on AWS. Integration is already setup with EC2, but it’s not displaying all of our Hosts under the “Filter Hosts” functionality.

Could you please advise on how to display all of our Hosts in this filter?


Hello @altaf.parkar

Thank you for reaching out to us in the community, Can you please share with me how are you trying to filter the hosts and if the hosts are being shown on the Explore? can you share a screenshot so, I can have a better idea of your issue?

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

The steps I am following are as follows:

Alert Conditions → New Condition → Choose ‘Infrastructure’ type → Alert Type as ‘Host Metrics’ → Narrow Down Hosts, Choosing ‘Filter Hosts’ and then none of the filter types are showing all hosts, but for example I want to use ec2Tag_Name as the filter. It is only displaying 14 hosts, when we have quite a few more. For further context, the hosts which aren’t displaying were created only recently whereas the old ones successfully are displaying. Is there a way to ‘refresh’ the integration to grab all the latest ones?

Have attached a screenshot below:

Hey there @altaf.parkar,

We appreciate you providing the screen shot and the context of your workflow on how you are seeing this. The team is still working on this and will provide an update to you shortly. We appreciate your patience while we provide support.

Please let us know if you have other questions or any updates on your end pertaining to this issue.

@altaf.parkar :wave: As mentioned in the Amazon EC2 monitoring integration

You must install the infrastructure agent on each EC2 host to see metrics from that host. Connecting your EC2 account allows New Relic to access EC2 metadata, such as region, type, and tags.

Have you deployed infra-agent to all these ec2 instances ?

I look forward to hearing your results!

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