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'Host not Reporting' Alerts



We’re excited to announce that Infrastructure now lets you alert on any of your hosts that stop reporting data to New Relic!

When a host stops responding, you need to know ASAP to prevent potential outages or slowdowns that could affect your applications. This alert will tell you when we are not receiving data from the Infrastructure agent on a given host. This could help you uncover potential risks such as the agent process having stopped, the host going offline, or worse, the host crashing for some reason. In any case, having the ability to detect when these problems occur will help you improve Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), and can lessen the likelihood that you might miss a critical SLA.

Simply go to your Account > Settings > Alerts > Create Alert Condition and select ‘Host not Reporting’ as the Alert type. You can select a single host, or a group of hosts using our tag-driven filters that will dynamically add matching-hosts to this Alert in the future.

Get started by creating your first Alert for ‘Host not reporting’!

We look forward to continue adding exciting features to the product, and receiving your feedback.


Machines give alerts until restarting new relic service