Host Not Reporting Clean Shutdowns without systemd

In the past customers with Linux servers not using systemd and using alternatives like Upstart were not able to take advantage of the ‘Don’t trigger alerts for hosts that perform a clean shutdown’ option which prevents false alerts when you have hosts set to shut down via command line.

We have an excellent workaround so customers can now take advantage of this feature. Fortunately, the clean shutdown system is based on entity tags, which you can utilize to make this work. The following steps outline what needs to be done to set this up.

  1. Create an HNR condition with clean shutdown enabled.
  2. Upon shutdown, set the entity tag “hostStatus = shutdown”
  3. Upon restart, set the entity tag “hostStatus = running”

When an Host Not Reporting violation is opened, if the condition has clean shutdowns enabled, the violation system checks the entity tags – if it finds a hostStatus = shutdown tag, it will drop the HNR violation. This will emulate what the agent is doing to enable clean shutdowns.

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