Host Not Reporting - Infrastructure

It doesn’t send alerts out

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I will need some additional info to better understand the cause of the issue, please see below;

  • Please provide a permalink to this issue, a link to the condition or incident is also necessary.
  • Confirm the time period related to the Missing Alert/Incident and the time it was expected for.

Resources for common issues:

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After a few hours later, the alerts were sent out.

Hi @Xu5

So the alerts werent sent out on a delay ?

Without the above info I am unable to investigate the issue. Please share the requests in my previous post. For additional clarity, please note this post on how to share a permalink.

had the different situation this morning. I stopped agent this morning. The alert sent the notification for one of the servers as “host not reporting” but for the other one no.

Dashboard link:

Hi @Xu5 - Can you provide a link to the alert incident? Thanks!

here us the link.

I did not get the email notification for one of the servers when it was down but got the incident ‘closed’ from it.

another incident which New Relic has not sent “host not reporting”. please advise because this is very crucial for our devices at the sites.

Hi @Xu5

Thanks for providing the permalink. I will need to loop in an Alerts support engineer here, as this is out my scope.

Please note they will reach out via this post with their findings. Should you have any additional updates or questions please do reach out.

@Xu5 - Your Issue Creation Preference is set to One Issue per condition as shown in the screenshot below:

With this setting one issue will be open at a time for each condition in your policy.

  • More notifications
  • Useful for policies containing conditions that focus on entities that perform the same job; for example, hosts that all serve the same application(s)

This means if there is already an incident open for a host for a HNR condition, no other notifications will be sent when other Host go down. You can read more about this in the document here.

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Thanks for that. Just changed to “one issue per incident”

Hi @Xu5

Thanks for reaching back out, I am happy to hear that @dkoyano.

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