Host not responding alert but the server is responding


We got a host not responding alert for one of our servers. When I look at the graphs it lasted about 20 minutes. However I can see we started getting data after that and I can ssh to the server. The problem is it’s still marked as an opened alert when it should had been closed. That was yesterday.

Any clues why it’s keeping it opened?

Hi @nicolas.giard - Host not reporting alerts are one of the few that has to be manually closed.

@JoiConverse - This still doesn’t appear in the documentation. Could this please be updated? :slight_smile:

We got some in the past and they were closing automatically. It’s the first one that doesn’t close. For example we got some that closed automatically after 2 minutes, 38 minutes and 117 minutes.

The alert will close if it meets the conditions in the documentation, otherwise it will require a manual close.

Let us know how that works out for you @nicolas.giard. We can look into this further if you need.

Ideally once New Relic starts getting data again it means the host is responding again and should mark the alert as closed.

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