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Hosts have vanished from dashboard



4 hosts have vanished from the dashboard along with all data related to them. I’ve bounced the NR agent, but no dice, those hosts won’t come back. The other 8 hosts are still visible and updating.

What am I missing here?


Hi @geoff.winans

Could you share a bit more information. When you say hosts are you missing

4 hosts from the bottom of the APM section
4 hosts listed in the New Relic Servers product
4 hosts listed as reporting in New Relic Infrastructure.

Any additional information you can given on the 4 host names and links to your account you can give would be useful for me to dig in and look for some reason. (it’s safe to share links as only users on your account and NR staff can use these links)

If it’s APM or New Relic Servers, have you checked the logs in /var/log/newrelic/ to ensure there isn’t a problem reporting currently?