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How can i get certification for New Relic Certified Performance Pro



@philweber: I passed the New Relic Certified Performance Assessment on 14th August (on my 3rd attempt) but couldn’t receive any update on this again. How can I get the certificate?

Thank you! :


HI, Your certificate was issued Tuesday, to the first email you used when taking the exam. If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam folder for a message from New Relic University. Thank you!


Hi, @philweber: Thanks for the reply. I could not find this in the spam as well. If i am not troubling you is it possible to resend this again please!


I will send you a private message.


@philweber I am also having the same issue. I completed the exam, and have not received anything.


Hi, @colin.grey: We issue certificates manually, typically once per business day. If you have recently passed the exam within 3 attempts, you should receive your certificate within a day or two. If you took more than 3 attempts to pass the exam, you will be eligible to try again in 90 days.

If you passed the exam several days ago and have not received your certificate, please check your spam folder for a message from New Relic University. Thank you!


Thanks @philweber, received it this morning!


Hi Phil, wondering whether you could take a look at mine too.
I completed the exam on Friday around 15:00 UK time, when I clicked the “Finish exam” button the browser tab just closed, and there have been no e-mails since.



Hi, @David.Bell: Sent it out over the weekend; have you checked your spam folder?


No nothing in the spam. Thanks for the PM and the link :smiley:



@philweber: I passed the New Relic Certified Performance Assessment on 25th Nov(on my first attempt), but couldn’t receive any update. could you please have a look?

thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, Bo: We issue certificates manually, usually once per business day. You should receive your certificate shortly. Thank you!


Congrats to everyone and thanks NR for the shirt and stickers.


Hi @philweber,

I passed my exam on 4th Jan, I am waiting patiently to receive my certificate as you mentioned above that it can take two working days. Just want to ask if there is any problem since I gave the exam from my personal mail id EmailRedactedByAdmin

Shreyash Goswami


Hey @shreyash.goswami -

You’re right it can take a few days to issue certs - I’m sure @philweber’s team will get to yours shortly.

Don’t worry though, I definitely see that you passed the certification (Congrats :trophy:) - so that certificate will be with you soon.


Thanks @RyanVeitch for the prompt response.


Hello @RyanVeitch,

i have passed my New Relic Pro certification on 2nd Feb (Saturday) and as mentioned above the certificate will be issued within 1-2 business days.
I wanted to check if there is any problem as i have completed my exam from the other email id?

Thanks and regards,


Hey @Neha.Nirmal - Certificates are issued to the email address supplied when taking the quiz. And while yes, we do aim for 1-2 business days, this is a manual process and so that cadence may not be perfect.

The certification is owned by @philweber’s team. I’m sure he can give more insight in to your certificate. :slight_smile:


Thank you @RyanVeitch for your response. I will wait for 1-2 days, if not will get in touch with @philweber team for certificate


Hi, @Neha.Nirmal: Your certificate has been issued. If you have not received an email, please check your spam folder. Thank you!