How can i get the uptime from a host

How can i get the uptime from a host, i need get this value to add a graphics with this data, is any have the query to obtain this data.
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Hey there @sso1:

There is no quick way to query application data and work out your uptime.

You can, however, work out the availability of an application using a synthetic check on the application and using NRQL to calculate the availability based on the success or failure of the synthetics.

This topic would set you on the right path for calculating uptime with Synthetics:

Let me know if that does not help.

thanks. I will check this
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How do you define uptime for this use case?

the porcentage of time the system is operating.

Availability of the application on the host? Meaning the application is responding to traffic on the host?

Does your APM monitored application have a health check endpoint/transaction or is there a transaction that is more or less consistently requested 24/7?

How many hosts do you want to surface the uptime for and are all hosting the same application?

Is this a physical host or is it a container?

yes, is a phisical host.

by the way how enable synthetic check?

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If you answer the other questions I can probably offer some better solutions.

@sso1 Following up to see if this is still an issue you need help with?