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How can I retrieve number of transaction per each page name on a certain hour


I would like create a query that is able to retrieve number of hits per name (“Group by name”) and issue a report that illustrates it per hour on a specific day ( which had the most hits per day).

If you compare it to querying to sql server query , it is as if i am creating a group by name and grouping per hour on a specific day (which also is filtered by the most hits entered in a single day )

Can i create such nrql


Hi @dbarel - The NRQL equivalent is FACET


Hi, @dbarel: You can group by hour or URL, but not both: NRQL does not support multiple FACETs in a single query.

Your best option is probably to create a dashboard containing two widgets: one showing number of PageViews by URL:

SELECT count(*) FROM PageView
FACET pageUrl SINCE 1 day ago

and the other showing PageViews per hour:

SELECT count(*) FROM PageView
FACET hourOf(timestamp) SINCE 1 day ago

Link the first widget to the dashboard, so that when you select a URL, the second widget shows the number of requests that page received per hour.