How can I tell how much data do I have in 1 month?

I want to know how much data do I have in 1 month before adding the payment method.
Also - if it’s too much i would like to reduce the time it is saved - so I can control my expenses.
Can this be done before entering payment method ?
currently my account is over it’s limit.

Hi @it190

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

I did a little digging, and to better understanding pricing please see

To summarise, 100 GB of free data ingest per month, and then just $0.30/GB beyond. Pricing is based on the total data you send, which is customizable to your needs.

For all account types a payment method must be applied to the account. Note for free accounts there will never be a charge, as once the free monthly data limit is reached the data will stop coming in.

There is however a great doc on how to better manage data ingest should an account wish to beyond the free 100G limit. Please see