How can I view more than 1000 agents?

I’d like to view a list of every system with the infrastructure agent installed. How can I view more than 1000 agents at a time? If not possible, how can I run a query that might break it into easier chunks to export?

Also, if not possible, that isn’t very medium-large enterprise friendly.

Hi @kurt.biven - I believe the LIMIT clause should do the trick for returning a list of hosts above a count of 1000. The maximum returned rows with LIMIT is at 2000 which will need to specified as per the example query below:

FROM SystemSample SELECT uniques(hostname) LIMIT 2000

One other option which may be useful to stretch the 2000 limit even further is to use the uniques() function with the LIMIT and FACET clauses as documented here.


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Sorry, it was a typo, I meant more than 2000 or the current limit. Is there an easy way to export a list of all systems with the NR infrastructure agent installed?

Hi, @kurt.biven: Have you tried the NerdGraph API?

  actor {
    entitySearch(query: "type = 'HOST'") {
      results {
        entities {

Unfortunately, this only appears to show 500 results. I have over 5500 hosts I need to identify.

The NerdGraph GraphiQL explorer paginates results from an entity search.

  • If your search criteria yields more than the API limit and you want to view the rest of the results, you can request nextCursor in your initial request and use its value in another query to retrieve the following “page” of results.

Yeesh… OK, I guess I’ll run this query 30+ times to get the data I need and copy/paste each result out somewhere since there’s no export that I can see. Not a great experience and hope this improves. Thank you for the help to at least find the data though.

Well, the point of an API is for you to write a script to call it in a loop. :slight_smile:

True, and the point of paying for software versus writing your own is to save time from having to write a bunch of scripts to do SIMPLE functions the software should offer in the first place. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @kurt.biven - just to follow up on my second suggestion documented here.

It looks like you can output up to 10,000 hosts using the NRQL below:

From SystemSample SELECT uniques(hostname,10000)

And subsequently export to CSV under the Share option.



Glad to see this limitation has changed to 10,000. Thank you.

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