How do I create a new support case?

I need to create a support case, but the button that says “Open a case” takes me to a page where I have two options: search the explorers hub; or open source projects, issues and questions.

Since my issue is around specific NewRelic accounts, neither is an appropriate forum for asking the question, as I do not want specifics of the question to be publicly visible.

So how do I file a new support case?

Hi, @mike.peck: If you have a Pro or Enterprise subscription, you may open a support case at Otherwise, support is available via this forum. Please see for more information.

You may post a general description of your problem; a support engineer will open a case to gather any sensitive information.

Thanks for responding, Phil.

Part of my confusion is that my account is on a legacy subscription, the ala-carte model. I interpreted that as being a Pro subscription, but I have talked to someone in sales, and have my issue figured out…around both issues…not being able to directly create a ticket, as well as the account concern that I wanted to create the ticket about.

Hi @mike.peck

Thanks for reaching back out.

Glad to hear the issues have been resolved.